Bitcoin helping Venezuela Ebay Considering Bitcoin

Bitcoin helping Venezuela Ebay Considering Bitcoin

Ebay the $39 billion e-commerce platform
 is considering integrating Bitcoin as a payment method.
Americas Ebay senior vice president Scott Cutler
stated that Ebay is seriously considering  the integration of Bitcoin
he Said “we are not quite there yet  but there is optimism!”
But surely if Ebay accept Bitcoin Both Ebay and the world will benefit.

 If major retailers like Ebay, Amazon, Walmart or Google where to accept Bitcoin
the price of the cryptocurrency would sky Rocket and lead to greater mass adoption
It would also set Bitcoin on the path to actually reach $1 million.
There are already big companies like
Expedia, Overstock, Dell and few more accepting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin helping Venezuelan population

Few years back Venezuela was ones of the richest country in South America
now the country is in a deep political and economic crisis.
forcing their citizens to leave the country and to adopt like no one else, Cryptocurrency
Since Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the world
and its currency in free-fall the adoption of Cryptocurrencies is crucial
Few months ago we read the news of Walmart providing Venezuela basic supplies
through the acceptance of the gift cards provided by Gyft
currently accepting bitcoin as payment.

Since Venezuelan government regulation and restrictions
control the flow of money in and out of the country,
more and more people are using Cryptocurrency
because of the ability to avoid their banking system
Clearly Stating the economic freedom that Cryptocurrency is promoting.

Being a currency internet based
it do not need a third party for transactions

Like PayPal Payoneer or all sorts of banks institutions
Bitcoin is being used to buy food and other primary needs
from many other countries t
hrough e-commerce platforms like
Amazon and Walmart.
The community of bitcoin users in Venezuela, is growing exponentially
because is a practical currency to buy basic needs in their current situation
Today the bitcoin value has reached over $18.000
Clearly not only the  Venezuela population can benefit from this, but also the entire world.

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