TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining.

TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining. Asus new mining gpu 36% more hashing power less heat. Just like we expected the giant came to the rescue developing the Holy…

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TDC News Bitcoin Segwit2x First Effect

The first Segwit2x effect felt today when market dropped down,  just like many had expected. All Markets falling  As expected from the experts Segwit2x was destined to burst one of…

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TDC_News “Mind Manipulation”

Today’s Bitcoin  (Coinwisdom–Bitfinex chart).                                                         …

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TDC News Segwit2x The Bitcoin Upgrade

Segwit2x Beneficial or not? Are our finances safe with this initiative? After visiting a couple of mining pools realized (NOT ONE) had any information regarding this new Upgrade leaving the…

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TDC News – Matter Of Vision.

TDC News - Matter Of Vision. In a post earlier by the adviser of the central bank of china, and the adviser of (PBOC) people's banks of china noted that...

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TDC News Brave new world Bitcoin accepted in restaurants across Europe

TDC News Brave New World.

X7reme Turning imagination into reality. TDC_News While  (IBM) deals with several European banks to build a platform to run on their cloud, UK regulators discus about adopting digital currencies in the meantime...

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TDC News Ethereum ‘brace for impact’

Picture by X7reme Turning imagination into reality. While worldwide regulators are working into adopting Cryptocurrencies other currencies are already impacting the world, at he physical level analytics, and studies in a...

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TDC News Bitcoin phoenix end of July.

X7reme Turning imagination into reality. In a TDC News interview with experienced investors media, blockchain experts and dominant exchanges (noted) deployed tactics to slow the descent of the Crypto's. Public: End...

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