TDC News Brave New World.

TDC News Brave new world Bitcoin accepted in restaurants across Europe

X7reme Turning imagination into reality.

While  (IBM) deals with several European banks
to build a platform to run on their cloud, UK regulators discus about adopting digital currencies
in the meantime in Europe,, a delivery platform based in Amsterdam
started accepting Bitcoin, from all the users registered to the platform
seems like they have adopted the thought, the biggest buyer will become the biggest seller.

Fox Business interview with ( Naomi Brockwell ) she noted clearly the greatness of Cryptocurrencies
even though Tammy Bruce, constantly tried to point  hypothetical scenarios like Blackouts, affecting the network
like businesses and banks don’t already suffer from that fact ( cellphone tower are definitely a reassurement).

G. Toffanello : Can’t remember the last time i have physically touched, fiat currency
people have forgotten that their credit cards, are nothing more that a connection, to their digital tokens in the banks
getting insane percentages of our finances, for all their misleading services
even though i agree with (Tammy Bruce ) that fiat currency is always necessary
(Bitcoin is as safe as you want it to be) without banks to slow you down, or take your finances
our electronics systems should be 100% free, Bitcoin free.













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