Bitcoin helping Venezuela Ebay Considering Bitcoin

Bitcoin helping Venezuela Ebay Considering Bitcoin Ebay the $39 billion e-commerce platform  is considering integrating Bitcoin as a payment method. Americas Ebay senior vice president Scott Cutler stated that Ebay is…

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TDC News – Crypto Threat – Blockchain The Future Of Innovation

Just like China and Singapore many Cryptocurrency firms in other countries are facing bank accounts closures Seems like more governments are stepping into taking action and as expected giving no reason...

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TDC News. Bitlish Plans to open 5.000 Bitcoin ATM’s in 2017.

Europe ready for atm's.   Bitlish, a London-based Bitcoin exchange and ATM provider will open 5000 Bitcoin ATMs in Russia and Europe, before the end of the year. The United...

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TDC News Conquer the crowd Conquer your freedom.

TDC-NEWS NEW CRYPTO ERA. ZCash–ETC–DCR and LTC Next. As the markets still  going down seems like GPU’s manufacturers and re-sellers worked hard to bring to the public re-designed GPU’s  for mining even…

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TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining.

TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining. Asus new mining gpu 36% more hashing power less heat. Just like we expected the giant came to the rescue developing the Holy…

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TDC News Bitcoin Segwit2x First Effect

The first Segwit2x effect felt today when market dropped down,  just like many had expected. All Markets falling  As expected from the experts Segwit2x was destined to burst one of…

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TDC_News “Mind Manipulation”

Today’s Bitcoin  (Coinwisdom–Bitfinex chart).                                                         …

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TDC News Segwit2x The Bitcoin Upgrade

Segwit2x Beneficial or not? Are our finances safe with this initiative? After visiting a couple of mining pools realized (NOT ONE) had any information regarding this new Upgrade leaving the…

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TDC News – Matter Of Vision.

TDC News - Matter Of Vision. In a post earlier by cryptocoinsnews.com the adviser of the central bank of china, and the adviser of (PBOC) people's banks of china noted that...

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