Cryptocurrency Crucial For Our Economy

Cryptocurrency Crucial For Our Economy

Cryptocurrency Crucial For Our Economy

As bitcoin reaches the door of $17,000
Around the world exchanges are fighting for their freedom.
Bitfinex no longer allowing US users to trade
while hiring a law firm to challenge the critics.
But it is not the only exchange to suffer
Exchanges in other countries like china have been totally shut down
seems clearly an act of desperation from global governments as they know
that Cryptocurrency  is crucial for our economy and our financial freedom
specially since it is at the most dangerous state
and since the entire world seems to be taking action.

We need to create better ways to fight and maintain control over our finances
Exchanges seem like they are no longer safe
if exchanges founders, do not make them globally flexible
by controlling multiple jurisdictions, Cryptocurrency may remain a dream.
If we want to win this financial revolution
we need to attribute power to the users
Specially, after one of the biggest exchanges, “Coinbase”
handed to the IRS data for more than 14,000 users
governments Just like in history are passing everyday
new insane regulations, and for us
is time to become the change we so want to see.
governments have the ability to block key points in no time
to gain control over populations
Is time for those with knowledge and power to act
by keeping in mind that a population with power
is a population with possibilities
a population with not just freedom
but with the ability to make transform and evolve
into a place full of opportunities
and since governments can’t handle a simple task like health benefits
or veterans pensions, is time we control our finances
and show them we can do a better job.

It is all about Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Crucial for our economy

There’s no doubt that Cryptocurrencies will change the world
but the whole magic behind is the blockchain.
Investors and corporations are moving towards  blockchain like never before
Even governments are officially testing blockchain technology
like the Moscow Government testing a new voting system

But the whole Blockchain idea is being implemented by hundreds round the world
Since the usage of blockchain can be implemented everywhere.
Surely blockchain, is the future of all corporations and entrepreneurs
Because of the ability in providing global inexpensive services
From tracking to updating information
Blockchain can be implemented everywhere
and all it requires is a community.

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