TDC NEWS Cryptocurrency Replacement for National Bank

TDC News Catalonia Cryptocurrency Replacement for National Bank

TDC News Catalonia Prepares for independence
by considering Cryptocurrency as a  replacement for National Bank.

“Cryptocurrency Replacement for National Bank”
Since the breaking news of Catalonia freedom conflict
TDC News has been monitoring (New Catalonia financial freedom)
The new country independent government
even though they are in a very dangerous uncharted territory
decided to become another country to implement Cryptocurrencies.

 Worldwide-Cryptonews have been running rampant throughout media

Catalonia’s impossible dream has finally become true
CEO (Toffanello G.): “Catalonia has become the interest of the entire world”
but the question running and surrounding their separation from Spain’s Governing body
remains the same.where will they be storing the finances created via Catalonian Economies?
Well, the answer may lie in blockchain related technologies
Blockchain plans on releasing a residency program
that will enable countries * Soon to be a separated Catalonia*
to be able to Mint a National Cryptocurrency  like Bitcoin
This, in turn, will aid the country in creating a Monetary system
that will not be dependent on a Governing body

Enabling the upcoming Country to build a strong economic base, that will develop over the span
of their emerging Economic establishment. Also appear to be that Catalans
are in favor of a national cryptocurrency not to forget that Catalonia
is one of Spain’s wealthiest regions, with about a quarter of all industry.

Surely Catalonia and the world, need to eradicate the need for a central bank.
As today we have more countries following the same path under development
according to Cryptonews from Russia and Kazakhstan. 

Surely traders and worldwide Cryptocurrency investors
will be looking at the situation closely
apparently, Catalonia will be following suit with Russia
in the terms of creating a National Cryptocurrency.
(Toffanello G.)  “Wise -fast- necessary and efficient decision
using this financial innovation, under Catalonia circumstances”
It is still unknown 
whether or not, they will allow outside investments in Catalonian ICO’s. Allowing outside investment into CA-ICO will allow rapid expansion
of  Market growth, in the Cryptocurrency sector
Any emerging countries backed ICO
will be something any Crypto-Investor should be watching with laser-like focus.

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