TDC News Ethereum ‘brace for impact’

Picture by X7reme Turning imagination into reality.

While worldwide regulators are working into adopting Cryptocurrencies
other currencies are already impacting the world, at he physical level
analytics, and studies in a recent publication by (Christopher Malmo)
shows that the Ethereum mining network, uses more electricity than the country of Cyprus.

TDC News : Ethereum mining is significantly impacting in countries revenues
reported increased income specially in middle class
since now people get actually to keep their profit
specially, with extensive instant trading between people for small tasks
increasing the network trust and the deadly DAG
pushing miners to the limit, increasing the gas price.

Even though exchanges are reporting a downturn
it does not stop Korea, from joining the Crypto world
right after the central banks of china- England and Vietnam.
Is a brave new world not only for the Crypto’s
specially for those, expecting Ethereum to step and lead with Bitcoin, at the end of July.

Seems like every day more corporations are implementing Blockchain
just like the United Nations sent AID, to 10,000 Syrian refugees using Ethereum
as published in a post by (Coin Desk )

G. Toffanello : Is proven that good can come from Crypto’s
specially when global banks and corporations like Microsoft, want their shares of it
since Microsoft stepped, to be the first to certify Ethereum in the Blockchain offerings
others seems to be eager to follow.



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