TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining.

TDC News New Hope For GPU Mining.

Asus new mining gpu 36% more hashing power less heat.

Just like we expected the giant came to the rescue
developing the Holy Grail of miners
reducing operation times Thanks to higher hash rates
Less power consumption, better cooling and noise reduction systems
miners will be able to mine at normal hash rate, since the mining difficulty almost tripled
still, the giant hash showed  only the 4gb and the 6gb models
if they really want to sell, they will have to launch the 8gb model
since the Ethereum dag file is getting bigger, and 4gb models are no longer usable.

Asus the thunderstruck of many manufacturers
seems like they will predominate the game
especially after manufactures leaving the shelf’s empty
and increasing their prices to insane levels, forgetting that mining
starts becoming profitable, only about 4 to 5 months after 24/7
if the coins remain at the current price
keeping in mind that to build a miner,  the cost was roughly $3,500
still, this is the golden era for GPU’s manufacturers
hopefully, they will get out of their gaming world, and bring some competitive prices.


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