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Today’s Bitcoin  (CoinwisdomBitfinex chart).                                                                                                                             

“Seems like the news only focuses on the negative side” 

Becomes almost impossible to disconnect from Mainstream Media News influence.



This is one of the numerous news focused on the negative side

of our new system  of financial freedom. 

No one mentions the price climb of Bitcoin of $2038, reaching $3003

after checking some of the markets, we can clearly see the drop was roughly of $506

which for investors. that turns into a great opportunity to make more profit, just like is happening today.

in relativity, thanks to the news most of the populations thanks to the recent hacking events

relate the currency to illegal activities, shadowing it’s potential of financial freedom

because of the numerous uses of blockchain

hopefully we wont do with the Crypto’s, the same mistake we did when we allowed corporations

to get possession of our browsing history.

The future of blockchain is our freedom. 

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