Pandora’s Box Is Open – The Future Is Blockchain.

Pandora’s Box Is Open - The Future Is Blockchain.

Worldwide Governments on the defensive
Our only defense “ Decentralization ”  

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  “Pandora’s Box Is Open – The Future is Blockchain”
We hear every day of worldwide governments
striking with new ways to stop the new financial freedom
we have seen it with Pakistan (FIA) (Federal Intelligence Agency)
investigating Cryptocurrency traders and banning cryptocurrency back in August 2017
even more, 
the Russian Government, the bank of Russia and the Prosecutor General’s Office
are working together to block the access of cryptocurrencies to exchanges across Russia  
after the planning of their new (NDC)  National Digital Currency
same with China banning Cryptocurrencies months back and recently attacking miners
 forcing them to consider moving to other countries
like the biggest mining corp Bitmain, apparently considering moving to Canada.

Governments are desperate and trying to fight the inevitable
But blockchain technology and its decentralization is here to stay
we have seeing it numerous times
including in countries Like Brazil, Dubai, and India
the blockchain decentralization is the greatest technology ever created 
and is for that reason, that the most influential countries and even better,
the most financially unstable countries 
started implementing it.

Since the beginning with the bitcoin implementation
countries like USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands
Australia, Finland and more, could see the potential in this great technology
now blockchain is to be expected almost everywhere
as world officials agree that blockchain technology
is essential to save trillions in government functionality
and even better, to evolve strategies in sectors
allowing fast control, maintenance and data analysis
more countries are joining in the development of new blockchain related technologies

but the enthusiast are mostly private organizations  
using a technology that is capable of delivering hundreds of services
thanks to its ability to involve global human, monetary and machine force to all projects
allowing new initiatives to compete 
with any major company
and to provide a large variety of services 
without the need
of large amounts of capital and infrastructure

we all see that these advantages are going to develop
in all sectors of industries everywhere,
all with one single piece of software
the Blockchain.

Where is blockchain going?

With Blockchain governments are finally taking the core steps
for better services especially in remote areas
improving data synchronization and especially
data sharing data security, and human error prevention.
Governments, of course, will implement production performance
and human interaction analytics, as a secondary service 
in multiple industries
example: Dentistry, but surely in the next 10 years
blockchain will probably be running all commercial and government services.

Blockchain will save billions yearly of taxpayers just in infrastructure
even though we ask ourselves, how will government handle its implementation?  
knowing its current infrastructure, how will the government start testing safely?
that’s where the magic of Blockchain inexpensive technology steps in
many countries already sandbox test this technology
the future of government services even abroad is going to improve dramatically
India had made great improvements in providing citizens the ability
to set up their digital identities to interact and transact with anyone
improving the future on a global scale.
Aneesh Chopra stated in a talk at Data  transparency 2017 is easier to schedule
a doctor’s appointment in New Delhi India, that in the United States at the fraction of the cost
as he stated, even the creation of bank accounts would be safer and quicker,
definitely, if governments approved digital identity
would be the fastest app to keep up to date, with the growing technology.

Pandora’s Box Is Open – The Future is Blockchain” 

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Surely Blockchain is the key
for global government commercial and private services
and the evolution of marketing trading and communications|
but the ability to verify identities worldwide is the key 
to a better future.
Blockchain ID verification would result in massive reduction of crime and corruption

 Avoiding accidents to repeat itself like the Equifax identity theft attack 
Blockchain would provide excellent safety and control
from tax and medical 
to individual services
goods and tracking control but mostly, inexpensive communication and communication control
optimized Global Payments and various services like abroad

legal health and location emergency services.

Until now most of the global population
knows about blockchain only through the relation usage of Bitcoin
the digital currency 
powered by peer to Peer synchronization
that allows secured fast and cost-effective transactions
surely most of them, will not realize they are using blockchain until fully integrated
since blockchain can be implemented in all areas
allowing the redistribution of  trillions to
 be used  elsewhere
allowing us to have more control and tracking over government finances and services
like Australian Minister Angles Taylor pointed
“the need for right communication with people in business
in compliance to provide funds to the right areas and people”
so if the governments can benefit from it
how can we with corrupt governments and institutions?
Well not all blockchain projects would be affected obviously
like always only those that empower the public
if the public want to be free from corporations and governments
the future apps have to be totally decentralized, even at the distribution level
since (isp’s) internet service providers, governments, and corporations
could target the distribution medium
the good news? we are working on it
we are working on totally decentralized exchanges and apps
just remember knowledge is what keeps this freedom alive
let’s be ready to avoid making the same mistake twice
share information, because having lost net neutrality is enough.

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