The ripple fever. What does it mean for new investors

The ripple fever
what does it mean for new investors

A few weeks ago Ripple a centralized digital currency
Was a network with a market cap of 9 billion dollars
Today that network move about $130 billion
With an 8 billion volume in  24H.
In an interview on 1/3/2018 with
TDC News collaborators and investors stated:
“ Because Ripple circulating supply of about 39 billion tokens
For small investors to gain profits
would have to invest 
a large amount of capital.
In order for the currency to reach

the value of one dollar would require about $39 billion
Still does not mean there’s no profit
but for small investors, may not be the greatest choice.

But why are people investing in such bubble?

Rumors that Coinbase
one of  the biggest cryptocurrency suppliers
was planning to implement the XRP tokens (Ripple) into their markets
like it happened in the past with Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Which it has been denied by Coinbase
in an interview in 
Bloomberg  a few hours ago
XRP is now the second in position in market capitalization
With 120 Billion dollars dropping by the second.


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