TDC News “Bitcoin Gold” The New Bitcoin Fork.

TDC News Bitcoin Gold The New Bitcoin Fork.

TDC News “Bitcoin Gold” The New Bitcoin Fork.

TDC News The Daily Crypto News 
BY: Alex  J. Zaroski

TDC News “Bitcoin Gold” The New Bitcoin Fork.
Bitcoin has been in the media heavily, since its massive market movements earlier this year
considering that the first increase from $0 to $1000 happened in 8 years
and from $5000 to $6000 in 6 days, is totally understandable.

With the price of BTC reaching all-time highs of $6194 and the introduction of Segwit 2x into the Blockchain a few months ago
The team over at BTC-G “ Bitcoin-Gold” has finally come close to finishing the Hard-Fork once and for all
This project was started during the Middle of July and aimed at producing BTC equivalent cryptocurrency
that could be mined via a cheaper GPU mining algorithm.

TDC News “Bitcoin Gold” The New Bitcoin Fork
Better Hope for miners.

Due to the ever-increasing hash difficulty for BTC, this has caused a raucous in the mining world
This increased difficulty in the mining of BTC
has made it near unprofitable, for the average consumer
Now with the proposed Segwit 2x Hard-fork from Bitcoin Gold Technical team
will allow the continued mining of BTC via a different Currency Vehicle.
All current holders of BTC will be awarded shares of the new currency, on the scheduled release date Nov 1st
This will inadvertently cause the price of Bitcoin to soar prior to this release date
as people will want to cash in on the Hard-Fork.
This is not the newest news regarding the advancement of Bitcoin as a whole, Earlier this Year
Bitcoin allowed for a Hard-Fork to create, Bitcoin Cash
which is another Cryptocurrency backed by BTC’s Blockchain.

BY: A. Zaroski

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