TDC News Bitcoin Hong Kong

TDC News Bitcoin Hong Kong

TDC News Bitcoin Hong Kong

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By: M.Abo

TDC News Bitcoin Hong Kong.
Three years have passed 
since Hong Kong became the first nation in Asia to use  Bitcoin ATM’s.
(Robocoin kiosk Bitcoin ATM machine producer)
Today, looks like digital currency takes up in Hong Kong
Bitcoin became popular specially, over the northwest part of the territory of Hong Kong
Ms Zou Lunlun, owner of Zou Lunlun Guzheng Academy said
from 20 to 30% of her customer is using Bitcoin for payment
she said is quick secure and convenient.

“Cryptocurrency a World of opportunity”

TDC News Bitcoin Hong Kong
Mr Laser Yuan Doctor and degree holder in financial engineering CEO yt e-commerce limited
in 2013 at the age of 36 years old, gave up his desk job to start his Bitcoin career
After working in his on apartment for six months
he created Hong Kong’s first Bitcoin trade platform (it Cash Out)
he said that even if the Hong Kong Monetary authority is against the cryptocurrency movement
once they learn more about Bitcoin and digital currency in general
they will also use and get benefits.


Digital currency will end up coexisting alongside with the Hong Kong dollar.
Mr Laser Yuan said that Bitcoin will become more and more popular
As  banks become more aggressive acting against Bitcoin companies
In Hong Kong, trading Bitcoins in person has become more popular
by using the websites and Bitcoin meetups
as well as the Android app Mycelium
it can be really easy  to find people in Hong Kong to meet up and trade
Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for cash.

By: M.Abo

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