TDC News Brave New World

It all started with Bitcoin

TDC News Brave New World

As Bitcoin is a few hundred dollars from reaching $12,000
all major Cryptocurrencies are following, reaching top new highs
surely a promising Christmas for many around the world.
With Ethereum Back on track with $477 Bitcoin gold at $372 And Zcash at $345
is making this season a time miners will never forget
since they are finally seen a return on their investments.

While the fights around the globe for the monetary control by governments over the populations
Like Bermuda, launching a Cryptocurrency task force or Russia banning  Bitcoin
thankfully In some countries we still hear good news, Like the South Korean finance Watchdog
not planning to regulate Cryptocurrency trading, hopefully good news will last

but Still, the journey of bitcoin and the many Cryptocurrencies
is only at the beginning.

Even though the Bitcoin network has split into numerous forks
Like Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Gold and the so announced Bitcoin Diamond,
the price of Bitcoin has only increased
Not to mention that the global Market Cap, increased To a current total of $341 Billion,
increasing of about 17 billion daily.

Cryptocurrencies changing the lives of millions

TDC News Brave New World
Apart from Cryptocurrencies changing the lives of millions
The real deal behind them is Blockchain technology.
We are getting news on daily basis of countries adopting this tech on a global scale

and Improving even better services and economy
thanks to this new freedom tech.

New entrepreneurs surging everywhere
Small corporations providing great services
A whole new world of opportunities is reaching every corner of the world
But where is all this going?
“The way we see it, to a better world”
a world where power belongs to people
a world of cost-effective next level security, services – and responsiveness
But most of all a world with better governments systems and
trillions of dollars saved in government infrastructure
That could be used for other services.
Not to mention the numerous corporations and people
that are using this technology and contributing to a better world
Like facilitating crowdfunding and crowd investing.

INVESTORS EXPERTS: The future we see?
Blockchain will allow free communication and possibly free file sharing
we believe in the future, global communication services will be provided,
for small amounts of energy, maybe even provided by current service providers.
Example: An application that instead of rewarding us with tokens like our current systems
will be rewarded by us with energy,
by allowing us to calculate transactions For other people
in exchange of free service, allowing us to be fully decentralized
It would mean unlimited communications powered by the users
The Same Thing would be to transfer tokens or trading platforms
Surely the next few years will be very promising.

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