TDC News Cambodia welcomes Bitcoin

TDC News Cambodia welcomes Bitcoin. By: @_M_Abo_ #bitcoin #Cambodia #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #news #finance


TDC News Cambodia welcomes Bitcoin


TDC News Cambodia welcomes Bitcoin.
Do you have some Bitcoin and are you planning to go on holiday?
Would you like to visit an exotic place?

Take in consideration Cambodia, there are many businesses (resort, bar, restaurant)
that accept Bitcoin, some of them accept even other cryptocurrency
such Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.

World evolving around Blockchain.

TDC News Cambodia welcomes Bitcoin.
Apparently Cambodia Central Bank is considering blockchain Payment Solutions
for it’s 15 million population.
One More Country planning on customizing blockchain for their benefits and just like Russia
considering creating their own cryptocurrency.
Seems like institutions are finally embracing, that the more they help the population the more they will gain from it
but nevertheless population s around the globe are ready to embrace this change
Here some of the links of the places
where you can spend your Bitcoin and other Crypto’s:

PHNOM PENH  (country) Angkor Bloom Travel & Tour
Riverking Poker ClubCoin Cafe’

SIEM REAP (country) AngkorHubMAOM Restaurant

KAMPOT/KEP (country) Auberge du soteilKep Mountain lodgeSubworks

More sites In Cambodia you can spend and get Bitcoin

Mekong Monkey

bitcoin Facebook group in Cambodia

Hopefully, for next year there will be many more.

New to bitcoin?

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