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Welcome to the team!

We see your partnership as an integral part of our business
thank you for considering partnering with us
and for considering bringing your efforts to the company.
Our site is Just starting
and we need as many enthusiasts like you as we can
to get information out to the world.

Here at The Daily Crypto News, we believe that successful collaboration is the key
We do not partner only with companies but mostly with individuals
Your very first question may be ” Why would I want to collaborate with them? “
Since The Daily Crypto News have an audience, and partnerships around the globe
collaborations would surely be of your benefit
collaborating with us is a win-win situation and it could help you promote your brand or profile
keeping in mind, that our viewers get the truth out of this collaboration.

For the one-man army creative people out there
we need your help.

TDC News can be your one shot
to get your name out there and be recognized
for your content or skills whatever they may be.

We are a team of devoted people with the main goal
to be one of the leading news organization in the world
for everything related to blockchain business and financial Innovations.

Your input to the company will not only help us grow, but it will surely help you in your development
The Daily Crypto News is the perfect for those seeking new opportunities
TDC News allows your name and creativity to be discovered
and is a great curriculum to prove your skills our combinations of efforts
is a perfect match.

We need people with new ideas and new ways of writing
But surely old skills are welcome.

We need enthusiastic people to join
either you are a photographer a  web or media designer or an author
whatever your idea may be starts with filling the form bellow 
“But to collaborate with us, there are a few things should keep in mind”.

Please Read the Rules and Regulations
bellow the form  before filling it.


By submitting posting or displaying content on or through our Service
you grant us a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sub-license)
to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, create derivative works
publish, transmit, display and distribute such Content
in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed).
You agree to be bound by US laws and regulations if and when
uploading copyrighted content, malicious software and false content to our site
impersonating TDC News  The Daily Crypto News identity
not complying with this and the following bellow rules and regulations.


Rules and Regulations
  1. The Author acknowledges that no payments or monetary compensation
    will be made to any entity for collaboration services
    Only ( Attribution Credits) to (name or profile ) will be provided by US.
  2. You acknowledge that you are not copying content from other news sources
  3. You acknowledge to be compelled to provide links for (source verification)
    for our team to inspect, if you are posting from non self created, or non original content
    Meaning the content is a derivative from existing published information.

  4. You are compelled to (Provide only) not copyrighted Material, read more at: Creative Commons
  5. If you are the media creator example: images or videos and if (copyrighted by you)
    by uploading to our site: you Agree that you acknowledge that you are granting us
    authorization for publishing, modifying and redistributing the material in all matters. 
  6. You will provide The daily Crypto News – TDC News, file names or licences and destinations
    or meanings of prove of no copyright infringement
    Example: images videos and description in details and URL’s.
  7. You acknowledge that can only use the following  Allowed social media 
    to distribute your content.

  8. TDC News will in all aspects attribute credits to the author
    but will not link to your personal External Blog profiles, on third parties sites, apart from allowed sites.
  9. The author agrees that (The Daily Crypto News – TDC News) can alter modify and delete posts at any time without notice.

  10. TDC News is not compelled to publish and reply to authors, on successful or unsuccessful published articles.

  11. Linking to external profile sites, different from main social media Example ( Your Personal Blog )
    will require written confirmation from us, personal blogs or sites must be specified during registration for approval our team.
  12. You are allowed to link to external sites for references example: Wikipedia
    including personal sites ( once verified or submitted during registration )
    only if content is relative to the author or content on page.
  13. the author acknowledges that he or she may not link to external (incoming or outgoing) connections to spam
    or use links for any marketing example: ( social media business page) and that
    ( marketing is allowed only under written permission by TDC News).

  14. the author acknowledges, that articles and pages may be modified after publication
    to comply with our forms of satisfaction example : marketing and advertisement.
  15. If the author is not longer satisfied after publication, TDC News will remove the author’s credentials
    but not the content, which will be published under TDC News.



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