TDC News – Crypto Threat – Blockchain The Future Of Innovation

Just like China and Singapore
many Cryptocurrency firms in other countries
are facing bank accounts closures
Seems like more governments are stepping into taking action
and as expected giving no reason for their actions.
Governments are discovering every day more
The potential of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin  ( frightening ) – some bankers definition.

Surely in the next few years Blockchain technology
is expected in many commercial and governmental applications
Some examples made by Aneesh Chopra
in his last conference at the Fifth Annual Data Transparency 2017
like (Dentistry services )
or the creation of a (digital ID ) government-backed
enabling instant activities like Bank account creations.

In a post by Felipe Schrieberg at Forbes, he explains the initiative
of QR codes in beverages industries, to confirm the authenticity and preventing counterfeiting
clearly, Blockchain is the future of innovation.

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