TDC News Cryptocurrency The Dawn of Digital Power

TDC News Cryptocurrency The Dawn of Digital Power

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Cryptocurrency The Dawn of Digital Power

By S. Lubka Blockchain Visions
Photo by: X7reme

Cryptocurrency The Dawn of Digital Power
Discussing recent events in Cryptocurrency this morning, I came to a realization
that Cryptocurrency is not only a natural extension of the flow of human history
but actually represents the birth of true Digital Power and Wealth.
Until the birth of digital wealth
the digital world was never going to be, as real as the non-digital world.
However, with the creation of Digital Assets, Wealth and Power
we will see a total transformation of how humanity relates to the digital world.

The internet may seem like a ubiquitous part of life now
but when it was first invented it was nothing more than a novelty.
Even our current major innovations like ( FacebookAmazonGoogle –Youtube – Twitter )
barely scratch the surface of what a truly digital world looks like.
With the creation of Digital Wealth, an irrevocable change is occurring in how we relate to the digital.

There has been no such thing as true digital power until now
We are seeing the first glimmers of it now with Facebook and Twitter
having a very real impact on our political situation, however , his will be nothing
compared to the impact Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has.

True digital wealth open doors to a new world.

Cryptocurrency The Dawn of Digital Power

When I examine the impact of Roger Ver and Jihan Wu (Bitcoin Cash)
I can see the actions of some of the first Digital Barons. These are land owners of the digital era.
in a world where cryptocurrency is adopted, they are Barons or Dukes.
They possess land and assets, but for the first time in human history these are purely digital assets.
In a world where an individual can possess true societal power via purely digital wealth and influence
we will see the merging of the virtual and physical, dd virtual reality into the equation
and we are really looking at a radical transformation of human society.

As digital wealth and power become more legitimate, internet personalities take on a new identity.
I can’t count the number of people who have large internet followings
do we think of YouTube Bloggers as being the individuals who have power in our society?
I would say we don’t, but we may soon! And while it may not be YouTube Bloggers
who actually end up having too much influence, I am certain we will see the transition of our society
into a new form which will be one part Physical and one part Digital.
The digital world will become a mirror of our physical one
with every asset mirrored with a digital smart asset.
With the invention of VR we will even be able to interact with these things, in digital realities.
The possibilities are truly staggering and the invention of true digital wealth
opens the doors to a new world.

By: Steven Lubka
Blockchain Visions


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