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Choose your Hardware 

1) ASRock H110 Pro Btc  (Best)
2) ASUS Prime z270-A
Riser Adapter     
1) Version 7      ——–    (best)
2) Version 6
Graphic Card required (1600W PSU up to 6 gpu’s
consider 2 PSU’s if using more gpu’s)

1) RX 480 8GB  less heat and noise  low = 24 mhs -Best
2) R9 390  8GB more heat = about 29 mhs

1) Intel BX80677G3930
2) Intel BX80662G4400
1) 16gb Kingston Hyper Fury ddr4
2) 16gb Corsair Vengeance lpx ddr4
1) Seagate 1tb Firecuda SSHD
2) Samsung 960 Evo 250gb NVME-M>2 SSD –Best
Power Supply
EVGA Supernova 1600 T2 80 Titanium fully modular.


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