GPU Mining.

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GPU Mining has been one of the most intense collaboration activities around the world
Start today Mining Ethereum – Dash – Zcash – Decred – Monero – Lbry and Sia

What is GPU Mining

GPU Mining is the process of resolving mathematics algorithms
throughout the usageof  GPU’s or Graphic Processing Units ( graphic Cards ) instead of traditional CPU’s
to provide security transfer protocols on validations requests in the blockchain
for services like Crypto currency transfer or smart contracts in exchange for compensation.
GPU Mining is by far one of the most convenient ways to mine
that’s why by September of 2017 global GPU markets were out of stock.
So if you are thinking to ride this wave TDC News is your source.

How to Start Mining 

You will need to have the following
Miner – an exchange wallet – pool account setup and mining software 
you may ask yourself  what is a miner? 
A miner is a computer assembled with extra hardware to resolve algorithmic ciphers 
a normal miner is composed by at least 7 GPU’s attached to it by risers  and 2 PSU’s.
following you will need a walled  to set up your account on the mining pool 
you may be asking yourself what is a mining pool?
 Mining has turned difficult  and in order for a single person 
to resolve a cipher would take just too long 
so the cipher gets split into many and  once resolved, you get part of the reward.
In order for you to sign into a pool you must have a wallet, depending  on the currency.



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