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TDC News – Matter Of Vision.

In a post earlier by
the adviser of the central bank of china, and the adviser of (PBOC) people’s banks of china
noted that (CC) Cryptocurrencies (Lack in values to be a legitimate currency).

(G. Toffanello) : No Doubt  bitcoin (BTC) is far beyond, our current Fiat tokens transfer system (Banks)
assuming that people want to get rid of their current fiat system, is illogical
too many variables in which fiat is vital.
definitely logic what the entire world is trying to do, taking a benege of a currency
that is thousands of times more valuable and flexible
Venezuela is a vivid example of the power of CC’s, over a broken government banking system
governments will loose this fight, the only option unification and playing fair.

Cryptocurrencies have been one of the reason why the United States alone
have gain over 400.000 new millionaires in 2016
definitely CC’s will affect banking and government financial aspects, opportunity for them to join, or create their own systems
to join the public and learn to take small.

The possibility of a country like china, endangering their economy with BTC is very remote
reason why they are implementing  it, the Chinese Yuan equals as today to $0.15
switching to a currency that is more than 15,000 times more valuable
is a sign that China is once more, one step ahead.

Cryptocurrencies will replace fiat transfer systems on daily basics
no government can’t stop it, as we speak the cryptographic programming, has become the new trend in many countries like India
being late at this event would be disastrous
Japan, china, Vietnam and many countries in Europe have seen it
the entire globe is backing it up, specially with the current mind manipulation tactics
capable of stabilizing markets for days.

Bitcoin is spreading like a deadly virus
meaning keeping more of those long hours in our pockets
if Segwit gets deployed successfully, BTC will more likely increase exponentially
(some consider futures of double and satellite Blockchain systems)
in a private chat with anonymous BTC visionary, that so far has been right on all bitcoin predictions
wrote :






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