TDC News Netherlands Bitcoin City

TDC News Netherlands Bitcoin City

TDC News Netherlands Bitcoin City

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TDC News Netherlands Bitcoin City
Arnhem a city situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands
(population 156.600) 
became a Bitcoin city, thanks to a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts
that wanted to spend their Bitcoin in their own city.
They started an initiative called Arnhem Bitcoin city project.

This group is very passionate, about Bitcoin
Rogiers Eijklhof, one of the founders of the Arnhem Bitcoin City Project said:
“the challenge is not to get more merchants but is to get more users”.
They started to promote Bitcoin on May 28, 2014
15 places started to accept the cryptocurrency and now, over 100 merchants are involved.

Leiden, another city to join the Bitcoin Rush

TDC News Netherlands Bitcoin City.
Leiden another city in south Netherland (population 122.915)
A day-care center that you can pay in Bitcoin has joined the project
Teddy Kids in Leiden wanted to offer their customers
an international method of payment.

Bitcoin in the Netherlands  has become a matter of importance
and putting their fate in Bitcoin
There are even a families that live in campsites in the Netherlands
because are big believers and hope in Bitcoin!
A 39 years old Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three kids
sold literally everything they own
house, bikes, furniture, cars, clothes, even toys
They trade all for Bitcoin.

After a couple months in an interview
the family said that they don’t regret a thing
doesn’t matter how is going, we will still be a happy  family enjoying life
If they have to start over, they will start over again.
The dutch-finance Minister has stated:
”Bitcoin is not a financial product as defined by law
purchase or sale of Bitcoins is not a financial service ether
so the financial services ACT does not apply”.
We can say, that the Netherland is one of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries.

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