TDC-News The Future Of Ethereum

TDC-News The Future Of Ethereum

Days ago, the news that Russia
will implement their own cryptocurrency, reached worldwide corners
A few days later, that Russia’s largest bank signed up, to the Ethereum enterprise alliance
to be another business of the distributed ledger technology.

Seems clearly happening, just like we mentioned in a post from February
The Daily Crypto News   Stated – “governments will lose this fight, the only option unification”
slowly we are seeing it happening, nevertheless
Ethereum investments products will shortly, be open for trading on the NASDAQ exchange
we all know what this means for the Ethereum network.
Even though the price of bitcoin has impacted on the currency
in some exchanges around the world, still bitcoin dependent Example: Bittrex
it seems that the future for Ethereum is “Stability”
now.. at what point it will settle longer, is a mystery
unfortunately for miners, will have to wait until the next bitcoin drop
to make some profit for their hard work.

In a private interview for the TDC News
TDC News Collaborator  Toffanello G.  and an anonymous exchange analytics researcher
that once a coin has been removed by an exchange, from its bitcoin dependency
as we have seen multiple times in the past, with Ethereum and Litecoin when both added to Coinbase
since then, both their Cryptocurrency prices fluctuated for a bit
and as for today, then the activity has been stable enough.

Surely now that investors are about to invest their money
into funds, that invest in multiple cryptocurrencies 
through the ether blockchain
the network will increase for many, the possibilities of high profits
since the Blockchain, as we all know, allow us to invest in multiple assets
the Ether blockchain is abstract and complicated, with possibility complexity and flexibility
to run a high number of services
seems like Ethereum, will be the door to a new bright future.

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