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ZCashETCDCR and LTC Next.

As the markets still  going down
seems like GPU’s manufacturers and re-sellers
worked hard to bring to the public re-designed GPU’s  for mining
even though this time, seems like they have scrutinized the future of mining
a crowd conquering card perfect for mining
but won’t be able to mine for many years
since the amount of ram, will control the future mining.

TDC NEWS  financial adviser and Blockchain analyst  (G. Toffanello)
particularly emphasized in an interview this early June
a possible increasing price on ZCash,  Decred and Ethereum classic
owners of  (4 GB GPU’s) will switch to mine to the next profitable Crypto
since the Ethereum DAG file is increasing in size.
He still believes that Ethereum will continue its climb
since the new GPU market wave will run out again.
What he noted, will be around mid to end of July
since the so expected BTC upgrade will be finalized
meaning old ASIC’s will switch possibly to Litecoin.


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